Monday, June 26, 2006


Bend over, close your eyes and brace yourself, it's monday morning.

I'm not one to endorse products, god knows we're bombarded enough in our e-mail luvin', TV watchin', internet surfin' lives. Have you noticed that now they even show commercials DURING shows? Last night I was watching a TIVO'd movie, and they kept showing some annoying little ads for a new show in the lower left-hand corner of the screen. WTF? I got TIVO so we didn't have to watch commercials, and well, they've certainly foiled THAT plan! Bastards!

Back to the point. For those of you who don't know, Danes do not have double coats. So unlike a labrador, you will not normally brush them and get handfuls of dead hair coming out. But there has to be an exception to every rule, and that is, of course, the crazy Harlequin. They shed, sometimes they shed a lot. I've heard this is because white hair has a shorter lifespan than pigmented hair, therefore it is constantly regenerating itself, but whatever, it is what it is.

So Mickey has started to shed all of a sudden, as evidenced by my white furry palm every time I pet him, and being a woman, there's no other reason for me to have a furry palm. Just recently I had invested in a special comb called the Furminator. Now aside from being the COOLEST name for a dog brush, it's supposed to be the KING of pulling out dead hair.

Folks, I can tell you this, it works!

This is a pile of hair I pulled off of Mickey's ass after just a few minutes of brushing. Now remember people, this is a Great Dane we're talking about, NOT a Husky.

I got the medium sized Furminator to more easily get around the neck and legs, and it is perfect.

So all of you doggie owners out there who are ready to shave their dogs clean, invest in the Furminator. If you're tired of shooing mini hair tumbleweeds under furniture when you have an unexpected guest, get the Furminator! And if you have annoying teenage kids who need to be punished, get a Furminator, borrow the neighbor's German Shepherd, and make your little darling de-shed that dog until not a hair falls loose from it's body. Not only will your heathen be busy for approximately 20 hours, but you'll be able to borrow beer from the neighbors guilt free.


Debra said...

Ok, I keep reading about this Furminator... and although jake (McNabb Border collie) doesn't seem to need to much.. Katy (the TPLO-recovering black lab) DOES.

So where do I find one??

Daneiac said...

Debra, I got mine at for $38.44, that includes shipping. It was the medium sized brush.