Friday, June 29, 2007

It's almost July!

Where is the year going??? It's almost July already, geesh.....

Mickey is doing GREAT, allergies have been acting up a bit, but some days you can literally see the pollen and stuff floating through the air. It's been hot as hades here in Chicagoland, but finally the temp is starting to go down to a reasonable level. Today's going to be 78, now that's beautiful. The gold beads continue to do their magic, and I would have to say that Mickey moves better now than he has since he was a year old.

I'd like to send good thoughts out to Christina and Fenway, Fenway is going on Monday to get gold beads for his spondylosis. Let us know how it goes Christina!

The whole family is packing up next weekend for a trip to North Carolina, and on the way we're going to stop to see our friends Sherri, Taz, Cruiser, Spirit and Gus!!!! (Oh yeah, and Kevin, can't forget him :) ) Sherri and I have been friends for years now, but have never actually met in person, so this is really exciting for me! Turns out her house is about 1/2 way to our final destination, so we're going to stay overnite in her area. The drive is really too long to do in one day, the dogs would go crazy.

The cabin/house we're staying at is in the Blue Ridge mountains in the northwestern part of the state. It's on a Christmas Tree farm, it looks like there will be tons of land to wander about. We also plan to do a lot of geocaching, and spend some time combing the local mines for interesting gems and rocks.

I'm sure there will be LOTS of pics for me to post when we get back!

That's all for now, I'd love to hear from some of my regular readers, drop me a note or leave a comment!

Oh yeah, and I put links to Mickey and Java's Dogster pages at the bottom of the sidebar for anyone who is interested.

Now, some pics:

Mickey and my good friend Kristi, Mickey's hoping for a bite of her yummy pizza:

Java sitting in his favorite chair: