Monday, February 19, 2007

General Update

Hi All!

Mickey is doing very well, it seems like even almost a year after the procedure he continues to improve.

I have some sad news, I just found out through Mickey's breeder that his brother Quinn was put down recently due to Wobblers. This makes me sad on so many levels, and while I could sit here and talk about the could've should've side of the story, what's done is done. RIP little guy.

I added a link to the right for a site called "DMOZ Open Directory Project". Mickey's site is listed there, and within the directory you will find links to just about any subject imaginable. Each site is reviewed for quality, content and legitimacy before it is listed, so you won't find a bunch of junk like if you did a google search for something. Check it out!

Lastly, I've been in touch with another Wobblers mom. Her name is Sunny, and she just had gold beads done on her 7-year old dane Kavi. Kavi was completely immobile, and had to be carried to go outside. The last time I spoke to Sunny, just one week after the procedure Kavi was already learning to stand on his own again. Mickey's site and my testimony were the catalysts for Sunny taking Kavi to Dr. Durkes, and it's stories like this that make this whole thing meaningful. I am so lucky to be able to help others out with my experiences!