Monday, May 15, 2006


Hello Mickey's friends, hope you all are doing well! I'm finally here to give an update, but there is no big news, let's stay positive and say YAY, there's no bad news!

I sent an e-mail update to Maddie's Mom Caylin, so I thought it would be easier just to post that here. Hugs out to Maddie, bit mooshes from Mick!

Hi Caylin!

I have been a lazy bump lately! LOL! Mickey is doing fine. I took him off the pred Tuesday last week, and finally gave him one Saturday AM because he was slipping and falling. Actually, I only gave him 5 mg. He handled that fine, and he's still doing very well today, so hopefully that's a good sign.

I'm going to call Dr. D tomorrow and see if I can take off the permanent neck wrap and do a temporary one during the day only. He desperately needs a bath and I know it has to itch under there! It's been six weeks, gosh, I can't believe it's been that long!

I'm just going to post this e-mail in the blog, thank you so much for keeping an eye on us!

I'm so glad to hear Maddie is doing well, isn't it nice to see them playing again??? You can also just stop at Target or the drug store and get some athletic wrap, that works nice because it's self-sticking.(FYI, Maddie's neck wrap is getting grungy looking...)

Keep in touch......


Sunday, May 07, 2006

Bark in the Park!!!

This post isn't related to Mickey's condition, but instead devoted to my beautiful boy Java and our fun at the Chicago HSUS Bark in the Park yesterday.

It was amazing to see thousands of doggies and their people out helping this great cause. Dawn, Loki and I hit the road at 7AM to head downtown. We checked in and I got a cozy fleece blanket as a prize for earning $610 dollars!

Our friends Louis and Figment (Mickey's 1/2 sister) joined us with their people Renee and Cyndi. We did the 5K walk and stopped mid-way to have a romp in Lake Michigan.

The weather could not have been more perfect, and all the dogs were so wonderful.

We also got to meet a lot of our online buddies, that was really cool!

Here are some pictures, enjoy!

Left to right are Renee and Louis, Cyndi and Figment, Dawn and Loki, Java and me.

Here are Java, Loki and Figment meeting a new friend in Lake Michigan

At the bottom of this one is our BPO buddy Sampson, we got to meet him and his mom Kristi. Sampson just had disc surgery on his lower back and is doing wonderfully, YAY Sampson!

Lastly, I thought this one was pretty with the buildings in the background.

Thanks to everyone that participated and donated to this much needed cause, we had a GREAT time!!!

Bad reaction to the Pred

Mickey had a bad reaction to the Prednisone on Friday. He was breathing fast and heavy after I gave him his pill at dinnertime.

I called Dr. Durkes, he said it was either a reaction to the Pred or pneumonia. I was pretty sure it wasn't pneumonia because he was active otherwise, eating fine and didn't have a fever. Dr. D instructed me on how to loosen his neck wrap, and once I did that he was much more comfortable.

I held off on any more medication yesterday, and gave him 1/2 of a pill this AM. We'll see how he does with 10 mg and go from there. It's strange, he went the first round of Pred just fine, I don't know why this time he would have troubles.

Yesterday was a great day though, after Java and I got back from Bark in the Park we spent a lot of time in the backyard "helping" (hehe) their dad plant some trees. The boys had a fun time playing a game of keep -away with their Dad's roll of string, Mickey was running like he was not hurting or uncomfortable at all.

I will keep you posted on how he does today.

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Back on the Pred......

OK, I know it's been too many days, but I've been a little busy and a little down. Monday was my b-day. That's the good/busy stuff.

Now the bad stuff.

Mick's sliding down hill again, yesterday he seemed depressed and just wanted to go to bed, I know this mood all too well, he's definitely not feeling well. BUT, I also have concluded that he is allergic to chicken, which I just started feeding him again last week for the first time after the procedure.

I talked to Dr. Durkes today, and he agrees that the allergy flair-up could be aggravating the inflammation and causing him to backslide. So no more chicken for Mick. He will now be eating beef and pork.

We're going to do another week of Pred and see how he does after that. If he stays up, we can THEN think about taking off that darn neck wrap. Poor Mick, I can't imagine how much it must itch under there.