Thursday, March 29, 2007

Template Troubles

I know a lot of you have had troubles viewing Mickey's blog, so apparently just reloading the template has fixed the problem.

PLEASE, if anyone is seeing weird things, contact me at Mickeysgoldbeads @ gmail . com (take the spaces out).

It's been a year already!

I can't believe it's already been a year since Mickey's Gold Bead procedure. The best part is, that through this whole experience I have been given the ability to help others who's danes are afflicted with Wobblers.

Just this morning, I received a call from an ecstatic dane owner who took their baby to see Dr. Durkes just last week. I believe Bella is about 5 years old, and was experiencing serious instability and restricted movement in her right hind leg. According to Bella's Mom, when they picked her up after the procedure, she already had increased movement in that leg.

There is no other way I would want to start my day than snooze while I snuggle with my boys, and get a phone call from yet another one of Dr. Durkes' success stories.