Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Gold Beads are Amazing!

Mickey is still doing wonderfully! I did give him 5 mg of pred after our walk last Saturday, he seemed a little "mushy" in his movements. An occasional 5 mg seems to make him more hungry (if that's possible!), but other than that I have seen no other adverse side effects.

Last night I was so excited, Mickey got up on the bed and walked in a circle twice around Java without falling over. We have one of those cushy pillow top beds, and normally Mick has a lot of trouble keeping his balance walking on it, but last night he moved around like a champ!

I remember before the implants Mick would have problems just getting up on the couch, his back end would give out before he could get it up there. He would fall all over the hard wood floors, and he'd be afraid to walk any expanse of tile without a throw rug down to keep his footing. It makes my heart soar to see him move around the house without the trepidation he once had, and to see him once again initiating play with his brother. His energy level has gone up, and I can see the puppyness in him returning. It has been so long since I have seen that!

I really was skeptical, even though my dogs are treated primarily holistically, I didn't think these tiny bead implants could help a 190+ lb dog overcome this horrible condition. Well, you can add me to the list of believers now, even if he doesn't get any better then he is today, I still feel like I was able to bring him back to a lifestyle close to what he should have been living in the first place.

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