Thursday, March 30, 2006

THE morning

Well, it's here, THE morning. I am nervous as all heck! Breakfast is raisin bran, coffee and OJ, I don't feel like eating a bite, but I know I will need it.

Last night was resless, even Mickey who normally sleeps like a rock was up and down all night. I finally got him to settle down by holding him close to me and massaging him to sleep. I know it may be a little melodramatic, but I find myself wondering if this is the last time I'll be able to do that. Kiss that cute little spot on his temple, take him for a walk, wipe that impossibly long "hanger" from his jowles... :) I LOVE all those things.

One thing I do know is that if Mickey has a chance to a long productive life, Dr. Durkes and his team are the key to that. I am anxious for the months ahead to see Mickey gain his confidence back.

Think strong thoughts for my Mickerson today.


Steph said...

Ericka, we'll be thinking about you guys today. Otis and Rugby have their paws crossed, and I know Mr. Mickerson come through with flying colors!!

Anne said...

Glad to hear you're there safe and sound, and by now you've probably brought Mick to the clinic. Yes, the drive is SOOOO BORING!!! I brought two 8-hour long audio books to keep me occupied, and avoid the "7 signs of evil!" radio stations on the long trip. I hope Mick has a great procedure and that Dr. Durkes comes out feeling optimistic after he finishes. He'll give you his honest impression of how well he thinks the beads have taken.

Hang in there! You're halfway done already! :)

Ali, Parker & Hank (alicat613) said...

Well I've been thinking about you all today. Its later afternoon here on the west coast and I am hoping that Mickey is done with the ordeal and doing fine. I'll be checking back for updates and hope you all manage the getting into and out of the car and hotel without too much hassle.