Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Marion, Indiana

Well, here we are, safely to our destination, Marion, IN. I have to tell you, I LOVE living in the Midwest. BUT, driving anywhere in Illinois or Indiana has got to be the most boring thing to do ever. If you like looking at farm, after farm, after farm, AFTER FARM, you'll love this drive. Otherwise make sure you have some good tunes and a driving partner to keep you focused.

Of course the boys knew something was up as soon as I got up and dressed. I had packed most stuff in the car last night, and while throwing in some last minute things I was greeted with this sight:

Come on Mom, we're ready to go!

At about 6 PM checked into the Comfort Suites in Marion, they give a discount to people going to see Dr. Durkes. Our room is pretty nice (see below), it's roomy. Be aware, they give smoking rooms for people with dogs.

Comfort Suites

There's a nice grassy area behind the hotel and we're on the first floor so no tangling with stairs or elevators.

Dinner was steaks from the Icehouse restaurant, they were pretty good.

Comfort Suites serves breakfast so at least we won't have to worry about running around first thing in the AM. Our room also has a coffee maker, microwave and mini-fridge.

The blog entry tonight is courtesy Comfort Suites internet and DH who so kindly brought the wireless router so we could both sit here and surf the net. :)


Kristi said...

I'm glad you guys had a safe trip and are settled in for the night. We're sending tons of good thoughts Mick's way (and Oz is sending good luck mooshes)!! If you need *anything*, feel free to call...we'll keep checking in here to find out how things are going.
((((BIG HUG))))

great dane addict said...

Ericka! So glad you made it safe and sound. Got your message, but didn't want to call too late, as I know you have a big day ahead of you and it starts early. I'll be thinking of you guys all night and all day tomorrow until I hear from you. Lots of luck and love!

Anonymous said...

Ericka, I am so happy you had a safe trip. I must say, the boys looked pretty comfy for their journey!!! You know you have been in our thoughts and prayers through this whole thing, and if you need ANYTHING AT ALL, you know I will be there in a heartbeat!!! I don't want to stay online too long and miss your call, just wanted to see some pics of those gorgeous boys!! I talked to Kev a few mins ago, he wanted me to send you a big MWWWWAHHHH from him! LOL We love you guys! Mooshes to the boys.

harleysmommy said...

Ericka, I am so glad you made it and your are all safe. I must admit, the boys look pretty comfy for their journey! LOL You know you are in our thoughts and prayers, and if there is ANYTHING AT ALL we can do...I will be there in a heartbeat! I don't want to stay online too long and miss your call, but I wanted to see some pics of those gorgeous boys! I talked to kev a few minutes ago...he sends a big MWWWAAAHHHHH from him too!!! We love you guys!!! Hugs and Mooshes!!!