Thursday, March 30, 2006

How is he NOW?

I cannot believe how well Mickey is doing. There is some minor swelling on his back below his neck, but other then that everything looks good. We were given some Baytril (sp?) to keep infection at bay since he did bleed so much during the procedure.

Already he seems to have better footing, he's able to go up and down curbs and get off the bed with little if no help.

Right now he's passed out on the floor, I think the bed is a little too mushy for him right now.

Java's been a great big brother, he's been along for the whole thing. DH and I took Java over to visit his breeder during Mick's procedure, she lives in the next town over. He got to visit with his Mom, Sister and half sister. I can tell you, he was in heaven with all those girls around!

Java and his Mommy

Java's sister Noel - yes, the jowles do run in the family!


Mrs Emery - GDR NE Fla said...

I am so glad Mickey made it thru his surgery !! Thank you for sharing his journey and the pix as well !!

Tracy Mom said...

Thanks so much for posting all of this information and the step by step pictures.This is the type of info that can help.I only wish this surgery had been available with my first Dobe.HUGS Mickey!!! Keep being a good big brother Java!

Nik said...

WOW, Ericka, I have to say I was shocked to see the pics of Mick's back. I had no idea he would have so many injection sites. Poor baby...

TONS of prayers coming your way from the LDCC for a speedy, successful recovery!!!

Russers Mom said...

Great news that Mickey is responding so well! Ouch that poor back...All of our thoughts and best wishes!! Keep up the great recovery!
Brett, John, Russers & Sodabear