Thursday, March 30, 2006

Mickey and his get-well ducky from Tracymom


Anne said...

It's so wonderful that Dr. Durkes was able to identify the back problem along with the wobblers, that is just fantastic! I imagine with all the gold along his back, the procedure cost you a pretty penny- I'm guessing maybe twice the average neck-only procedure. Worth every red cent, though! Mick looks great and I'm sure he'll come around in no time. With his pigment-less hair I'd guess it'll grow back in faster than a colored dane's hair coat. So glad all went well and you can go home now!

Kisses to Mr. Mickerson!

sargesmom said...

I am so happy that things went so well. He looks like he continues to recover nicely. That duck sure does look comfy!!!! Paws crossed Mickey!!!