Sunday, March 18, 2012

Great Dane Friends of Ruff Love will "Ruff" you up...

It's rare I speak out against rescue organizations. I have known a few to do some pretty awful things to potential adopters that offended them for one reason or another, but in the big picture I tend to overlook those terrible few for the common good.

In this case I just can't keep my mouth shut.

I saw this post on the Facebook page for Great Dane Friends of Ruff Love:
"Our sweet girl Lillie is back with us in the absolutely no fault of her own. Inexperienced adopters.....she tore up some things in the house...they weren't willing to crate she has been used to. They also said she had problems meeting other dogs.....she was at Mass O Danes today with 10-15 others dogs and was great!!!! This is her showing how she feels about not being given a chance to shine..pppbbbbssstttt

She is available for adoption and is great with other dogs....loves kids and good with cats. She does need someone who will be patient to work with her on her shyness and insecurities when out in public but man is she a LOVE BUG!!!!"

So I posted and said somewhere along the lines of (paraphrasing because they deleted my comment) "it's terrible the adoption didn't work out, but slamming a family because of that is not professional...IMHO.

This was their response:
"...we have a very rigid screening process...unfortunately it is hard to screen for commitment and dedication. We were not "slamming" just putting truthful facts out there as to why she was returned so people would not think that there was something wrong with HER. And they did not try....they had her less than 2 weeks before giving up...they were told she needed to be crated...they decided they didn't want to. They were told of her personality and her past and that she would need time and patience....they didn't even ask for training tips...look at area trainers or even try to help her adjust. We have a whole pamphlet we ask adopters to read about rescue dogs and what they are getting into and on the application ask them to sign that they have read it and understand it. We have all of our dogs in loving foster homes. They are not kenneled, they live inside with their foster families and get as much love and training as they can possibly get! We give ALL of our orphans thorough evaluations before placing them up for adoption, so we know as much about their issues and needs as possible. You would be amazed to see the leaps and bounds they make in foster care, and you will be thrilled to see what they can do, given time, in your home.

That said, you will not have an instant “wonder dog” the day you bring them home. In fact, I will most likely take a MINIMUM of 30 days before they are relaxed and comfortable enough with you to let their “true” personality shine, and feel safe enough in your daily routine to start the bonding process."

Now this entire rant was after they admitted the adopters were inexperienced in their initial post and that this dog had some behavioral issues in the later post. Obviously their screening process could use some improvement, my suggestion to them on that was also deleted. I think that their public shaming of this adopter(s) was horrible, it was unprofessional and disappointingly immature. I hope they will consider the hypocrisy of their own behavior and consider a major change in their staff in order to avoid embarrassing the Great Dane rescue community. I myself have given uncountable hours and a great deal of donations in money and supplies to rescue, so I feel I have a vested interest and the right to a "voice" on this matter.

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