Thursday, April 19, 2007

Weird stuff...

I don't know why it seems the change in seasons can be so weird on dogs. A couple of weeks ago Mickey pooped ONCE in a week and a half!!! Don't worry, we went to the vet, did full blood panel and physical exam. The vet wasn't concerned because he was still eating, drinking and not vomiting. Well, all of a sudden he pooped like six times in 48 hours, hallelujah!

Mick's also been unusually unstable on his feet the last few days. I can't think of any obvious reason for this change, but my suspicion is that it is somehow allergy related. He's been itchier than normal too, and allergies are basically inflammation. Inflammation is bad for arthritis and wobblers. Are you following me? :) So I'll just give him a small dose of prednisone every few days and keep my fingers crossed that this will pass.

Poor Java has come up with some weird spasm in his right neck/shoulder/arm area. I'm HOPING it's not seizures, but just a minor irritation of the nerves. So now I have to take him for x-rays, and he's never been under anestesia, so I need to find a place with the patience to try without that. :( I'm going to try the Veterinary Specialty Center, they somehow managed to do films of Mickey's spine without sedating him.

So that's all for now, happy spring everyone!

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