Monday, May 15, 2006


Hello Mickey's friends, hope you all are doing well! I'm finally here to give an update, but there is no big news, let's stay positive and say YAY, there's no bad news!

I sent an e-mail update to Maddie's Mom Caylin, so I thought it would be easier just to post that here. Hugs out to Maddie, bit mooshes from Mick!

Hi Caylin!

I have been a lazy bump lately! LOL! Mickey is doing fine. I took him off the pred Tuesday last week, and finally gave him one Saturday AM because he was slipping and falling. Actually, I only gave him 5 mg. He handled that fine, and he's still doing very well today, so hopefully that's a good sign.

I'm going to call Dr. D tomorrow and see if I can take off the permanent neck wrap and do a temporary one during the day only. He desperately needs a bath and I know it has to itch under there! It's been six weeks, gosh, I can't believe it's been that long!

I'm just going to post this e-mail in the blog, thank you so much for keeping an eye on us!

I'm so glad to hear Maddie is doing well, isn't it nice to see them playing again??? You can also just stop at Target or the drug store and get some athletic wrap, that works nice because it's self-sticking.(FYI, Maddie's neck wrap is getting grungy looking...)

Keep in touch......


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Moe/Reb's Mom said...

How is Mickey doing, Ericka? I know you don't have all the time in the world to post all the time - I was just hoping he was doing ok and continuing on a positive/uphill slope. Here's some good wishes for you all,

(Reb's Mom)