Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Back on the Pred......

OK, I know it's been too many days, but I've been a little busy and a little down. Monday was my b-day. That's the good/busy stuff.

Now the bad stuff.

Mick's sliding down hill again, yesterday he seemed depressed and just wanted to go to bed, I know this mood all too well, he's definitely not feeling well. BUT, I also have concluded that he is allergic to chicken, which I just started feeding him again last week for the first time after the procedure.

I talked to Dr. Durkes today, and he agrees that the allergy flair-up could be aggravating the inflammation and causing him to backslide. So no more chicken for Mick. He will now be eating beef and pork.

We're going to do another week of Pred and see how he does after that. If he stays up, we can THEN think about taking off that darn neck wrap. Poor Mick, I can't imagine how much it must itch under there.

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Caylin - owned by Maddie and Chloe said...

Congrats on the birthday and anniversary! May you have many more!

Maddie sends her hugs and kisses (dainty kisses) to Mickey. And she is right there when it comes to the itchyness of the brace. She is already scratching at it and it has only been on for a week. Her appetite is coming back.

We are all sending good wishes to Mickey.