Friday, April 14, 2006

Prednisone Day 2

I tell you, it's a shame that this stuff has such bad side-effects, because it is really amazing to see the progress Mickey has made with just two doses.

This morning he got me up to potty, usually it takes a while for his limbs to start moving smoothly, but this morning he hopped right out of bed to go out. I noticed that on his way in while he was walking on the sidewalk he wasn't shuffling his feet or dragging on his nails. I cannot tell you the last time I actually saw him pick up his feet while walking!

He still has to pee all the time, and he drinks water like it's going out of style. I noticed that he pants a lot now too, but it's actually been in the 80's here so it could just be the weather.

Hopefully at the end of two weeks all of the inflammation will have gone down, and the beads will take over and do their thing, that's the theory anyway. Keep your fingers crossed, we really need this to work!

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