Monday, April 03, 2006

Day 5 and some Q&A

Last night was rough, for some reason none of us slept very well. Mickey was having a hard time getting comfortable and I kept trying to help him readjust.

I think he's still got a bit of a fever and was shivering, so I would cover him and then he'd get too hot and want to move again, I have a bad case of mommyitis!!!

Movement-wise Mick is definitely doing better than before the surgery. He isn't falling all over the place and slipping as easily on the wood and tile floors.

I got some questions so here's a little Q&A:

Q: Did you know that Mickey had both conditions? or did Dr. Durkes find that in his examination?

A: I did know he had both conditions. The Spondylosis was diagnosed by Dr. Becky at Tops Rehab Clinic in Grayslake, IL. She does Mickey's acupuncture and is a WONDERFUL doctor.

Q: Also did you have xrays or MRI results that you took to Dr. Durkes?

A: I had x-rays that I sent to Dr. Durkes, he was able to confirm the Wobbler and Spondylosis conditions with those. An MRI would have been $1600, so I was ready to do that only if necessary.

Q: Was it double the cost with both conditions?

A: I am working on an itemized report of all costs associated with the trip. Specifically the gold bead implants for Wobblers is $700 and the Spondylosis was $550.

I added the itemized expenses below, down four entries.

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