Sunday, April 02, 2006

Day 4

Mick continues to improve, no fever this morning and a lot more tail wagging!

He and I were discussing the rain this morning, and this is the face he was giving me, have you ever seen anything cuter??? I love how the neck wrap pushes all his skin forward and makes his face all wrinkly.

I'm still waiting for him to poop some more, and I am sure the rain isn't going to help matters any. He'll have to put on his raingear, a target bag with a hole in it that slips over his head to keep the neck wrap dry. Now that's high fashion for ya!


Anne said...

Oh I remember the Target bag fashion we used for Emma on rainy days! She hated its noise when the wind whipped at it!

Emma also had a fever after her GBI, though I think it was due to her minor pnemonia as she'd aspirated some fluid from the tooth cleaning. Glad to hear he's feeling better now!

The wrap DOES make them super cute with all the skin smooshed up to their face! Sort of like a turtle head :)

Kisses to Mickey!

Anonymous said...


I just want to kiss the top of your nose. What a face. Hope you are feeling better today.

Mrs. C.